March 2013

I have not been to my blog in some time. I thought I would post something today. I discovered that I never posted the blog I wrote back in March 😮 ! Well, here it is . . .

March 2013

I LOVE this time of year. I look forward all winter long for the one guaranteed beautiful week in March that always brings hope that winter is drawing to a close. My oldest son, Justin, was born on March 20th almost 26 years ago.  March 20th is almost always the first day of spring. What a great birthday! Happy Birthday, Justin!

Heather and I shopped for and planted primroses and pansies today. They will brighten our front porch until May, when we can start planting annuals and when our magical perennials burst forth with all their beauty.

The snow did not melt off all winter long. It was a couple of feet deep, covering everything. This week was rapid melting week. Our boys have been out playing soccer in the backyard now that the snow has disappeared. Did I say that I LOVE this time of year?!

My husband is a gentleman farmer. He was busy this week pruning our 4 peach trees, 1 beautiful old apricot tree, a couple of apple trees, 2 nectarine trees, 2 pear trees, and 2 plum trees. He planted all these trees (minus the old apricot tree and pear tree) a few years ago. My mouth waters as I think about the delicious fruit we will have this summer. Pruning is an art, and he is getting better at it every year. He also pruned our 6 or so grape vines and our raspberry canes. Last summer we would enjoy our six year old neighbor boy, Hank, coming over, sitting by our raspberry bushes, visiting with us, and eating our raspberries. Now those are fresh raspberries. Such wonderful, tasty, beautiful, nourishing, vitamin rich food!

Heather and I purchased 3 big bags of regular sized balloons for our warm weather fun. The children like to fill the big balloons with water, put them on the trampoline, and bounce on the trampoline until the balloons pop and splash water all over them.

Tony and Hyrum had a great bike ride after they finished their yard work.


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