Update on our family

It has been a while since I added a new post to this blog, so here is a brief update.

We are approaching our 8 month mark for having our children in the country. Their English is doing great. It is so wonderful to be able to talk with them on the phone or from another room and have them understand me without a great deal of hand gesturing and discussion of word meaning. Jonathon and Hyrum read really well. They are doing quite well on comprehension when we read 1st – 3rd grade readers, but when it comes to our nightly family scripture reading time, comprehension is quite low. We explain some of it, but we have to keep moving enough to keep our English speaking children engaged.

Jonathon and Sam are playing indoor soccer on different teams. Jonathon and Sam take guitar lessons together. They sang and played their guitars in a Christmas recital. They have a wonderful teacher. Jonathon went to his first girl ask guy formal dance for the high school. That is a fun story, but it would make this a long post, so sorry. . . But I will include a photo. Jonathon and our other 17 year old son, Caleb, were asked by friends, so they were in the same group.

Jonathon and Caleb going to the Christmas dance

Hyrum is always thinking, that can be good and bad. The bad is that he is sometimes thinking how to blame someone else for him doing something he should not have done or how to get back at someone for what they said or did. Usually his thinking is about figuring out how something works. He has gone to the dump a number of times helping neighbors haul stuff there. He comes home with keyboards, speakers, receivers, etc. I told him that he can keep as much as will fit on his shelf in his closet. He is a smart energetic young man. We are just trying to help him focus all that in a good direction.

After the children's poetry recital with their wonderful teacher

Heather has enjoyed her singing and dancing group. She was in a Christmas recital. She has really enjoyed it. She is enjoying having some of her girl cousins here for Christmas and sleeping in her bedroom. Her favorite Christmas gift was one given to her anonymously by a wonderful person (I know who it is, but she does not). The gift is one of the American Girl dolls. She loves having a little girl doll. She is still thinking about a name for her.

Heather with her dance teacher and some of the other girls

Our original sons have been so good with these new children. Hyrum is the only one of the three that tests everyone’s patience on a regular basis. I think I am in about the 9th grade when it comes to degrees of patience. Long ago I thought I was a very patient person, then I had my first child. Then I discovered there are many, many levels of patience. The first was having a newborn little bundle of joy that decided whether or not I would sleep at night. Next came the toddler that went through the house like a whirlwind and managed to undo so many things. The “my do it” phase was usually fine unless we were in a big hurry. Then . . . . and then . . . and then my own personal health challenges . . . We finally reach the phases of children driving and exerting more  of their independence . . . then the young adult age . . . most of you know what I am talking about. I no longer struggle with some of these levels of struggle. Heavenly Father must have figured I needed a new challenge, therefore, He blessed me with a few more children. What a great gift and blessing. I have been learning much during this time, and yes, I have discovered I still have more to learn about patience.

Looking at the lights at the Temple

Well, that is all I am writing for today. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and may 2012 bring much adventure, growth, and joy to you and your family.

Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma's with the cousins

One Response to “Update on our family”
  1. Erica says:

    So fun to read an update! Thanks again so much for coming to Ira’s baptism. 🙂 We love you guys! By the way…I’d like to hear Jonathan’s dance story!

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