We are now in America and at home!!

The children and I are so happy to be home. Our family is happy to have us home. Although, I am not so sure about Gabe. He loved spending more time with friends.

I am now busy thinking about how to make this transition as smooth as I can for these new children. Children do not think well under stress, so the less stressful we can make it, the quicker they will be able to learn and get adjusted.

My father-in-law said to please not send him any more blog posts. He is a little tired of hearing descriptions of bathrooms. He did say it with a smile on his face, but I think he is quite in ernest. At this point, I do have to agree with him. I will give you one last bathroom update. Tony actually cleaned our toilets. He helps out a lot around our house, but I don’t recall that he has ever had to clean any of our many toilets. It was very nice to have a clean toilet and a clean bathroom to greet me. I had a lovey warm bath this morning. Ahhhhh!!!

I will probably keep blogging on ocassion so that I can share some of what I learn from this adjustment period with some of my friends that are currently in the same adoption boat I am in or soon will be. If you are really quite tired if ready my very verbose blogs, you can unsubcribe from it, and I will not know and will certainly NOT be offended.

Standing in line to check-in at the airport in Kiev.

Thanks to all of you, friends and family, that have shared words of encouragement along the way. Thank you!!! Thanks also to friends that have brought some dinner to my family and other yummy food while I was away!

Heather is outside watering the garden with Tony, Jonathon just came in from practicing soccer in the backyard, and Hyrum came in the house with the big, white mo-ped (sp?) helmet (almost like a motorcycle helmet) on his head hollering for Gabe, who is still blissfully snoozing in bed.

Our goal for the day is to get Sunday clothes for the children. I have a big bag of clothes to look through that my friend Lisa and her daughter Laura sent over for Heather. We shall have to see what fits and what we still need to get.

Some of the wonderful missionaries at the Frankfurt airport

I will blog about our travel day later, but the funnest thing about the trip was that when we arrived in Frankfurt for our first layover, there sat over 10 missionaries that were returning to the states from their missions in Russia. Imagine that, I had a dozen interpreters right there in the Frankfurt airport waiting to fly out on the same flight we were going to fly on. I think the children helped the missionaries pass their layover quite pleasantly, and I know they certainly were great entertainment for my children. I will post photos later. We loved being greeted by family and friends at the Salt Lake City airport. Thanks to those of you that came to greet us!


4 Responses to “We are now in America and at home!!”
  1. debbie says:

    Welcome Home!

  2. Nan Cook says:

    Hey Fabers…Welcome Home!!

    I love the pictures of the missionaries. Hoping to see our new sons like that someday.

    Love you guys!

  3. Marie Job says:

    I am not much of a posting person on blogs, but I absolutely loved reading yours. I am very much excited for the adventure of the Fabers and their beautiful new additions now that everyone is ‘home.’ So much more to come in all of your lives, activities galore, hearts warmed with the touch of such sweet spirits that occupy your home. So much has gone through my mind and heart as I’ve read the develoment of the adoption as it unfolded, highlighting a testimony of family, the importance and strenght of family, and the love that feeds all.

    Love you all!

  4. Andy says:

    It is good to know that you are all back home again safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your adventure. We look forward to our visit this summer!

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