Day 15 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

Dinner at Lucy's Parents yesterday


Day 15 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

Today is Saturday. We ate breakfast at 8:30. Lucy left early to go get a haircut and a few other things. I went back to my room to write for a bit while the children played hide and seek and then watched a movie. At 11:00 Jonathon came in and asked when we were meeting Lucy. We were supposed to be leaving at 11:30, and I had not even showered. I decided to just wash my hair and change my clothes. We were headed out the door by 11:30.

Hyrum has the camera again

We met Lucy and walked to the market. We bought some bananas that we ate right away. We looked at Russian DVDs and CDs. I bought a couple of CDs for Jonathon. Hyrum really wanted computer games, but I said No. I saw a really cute red Mickey Mouse T-shirt for and bought it for Heather. We then found a toy store where we bought a soccer ball for 110 grivna and a Monopoly type game for 28 grivna. We then bought a suitecase so that we will have room to take a coat home for the Cooks that they left behind and for all the stuff that Lucy’s dad gave the kids. The suitcase cost about $50 but should do the job. We then went looking for jeans for the boys. I had really hoped to put off purchasing jeans until we were in America, but both boys jeans were not in very good condition and Jonathon was having a problem with his zipper. The Ukrainian jeans are really decorated. In fact, when the children had come for the hosting program, one of my boys had asked why Zhenia was wearing girl jeans. Anyways, it did not take them much looking to realize that they did not want any of the jeans they saw. I then told them we would look for sweat pants. We quickly found them each a nice pair of black sweats that they were very happy with. Both Lucy and I really like Heather’s jeans, but she does not. I asked her if she wanted a new pair of jeans to replace the old black pants she had. YES, she wants a new pair. We found her a cute pair with too many decorations on them, but she liked them. We then found a pink backpack for her to carry on the plane with some snacks and a few things for her to do on our 23 hour trek back to America. The boys are always so helpful to carry any of the bags for us, but they did tell me that they would not carry her pink, flowery back pack for her. I said that was okay. With all this spending, I had to get money out of the ATM two times. The children played in a little playground area while we waited for Lucy to go purchase the backpack (which we did not have enough money to buy before) for Heather and look for a converter for herself.

Walkingto the market

After leaving the open market, we stopped by a food market to purchase some bread and yogurt drinks for lunch. We ate it while we walked to the branch building for the missionary open house the branch members were holding that day. We all visited for a while and then the boys went out to play soccer in the parking lot. I checked by opening the window and talking to them every ten minute or so. The last time I looked out, I saw that they were talking to a man through the fence. They said they had accidentally kicked the ball over the fence.  I saw them run to the end of the church building to get the ball. I went back in to let Lucy know we needed to leave soon. It took her a bit to finish up her conversation, but then we headed out of the building with Heather, we found not boys. We walked around the end of the building. I discovered that they must have walked all around the building, out the front gate, and around the block in search of the ball. We hollered their names and had no response. I told Lucy that I would stay at the front gate in case they returned, and I asked her to walk around the block to find them. She did not return. I finally called her about ten minutes later. They were standing outside the fence of the house where the ball had landed. Because there was a dog circling the house and barking, they were unable to go in and get the ball. They came back to the church and we left to go home with two disappointed boys. We told them we would try to get the ball on Sunday (tomorrow).

We went home to work on more English. I worked with the children and then Lucy gave a grammar assignment. Hyrum finished his quickly and correctly, Heather took a bit long with some error, and Jonathon quit altogether when he broke his green marker and ink got all over his shirt. He did not tell us this. I had just ask Lucy to talk with the boys about their clothes and what they would be wearing this week. It came out at that point, so we had Jonathon go get his new shirt. It did indeed have green ink all over the front. At this point, Lucy left to go to a friends. I had Jonathon wash his shirt out in the bathroom sink as I went on search of any green ink in the house. I found splatters on the wood floor in the study and on the desk. Jonathon got a wet rag and followed me around wiping it up. Fortunately, it wiped off. I then found some on the wood floor in the hallway. Next I found some on a very nice fabric dining chair in the kitchen dining room. Jonathon and I spent the next hour trying to get the green ink out of the rosy peach colored fabric. We used dish soap and water. We did pretty good, but there was still some green ink on it. We left a stack of books sitting on several layers of paper towels that we hoped would wick out some of the ink. The children and I left to meet Lucy for dinner.

We ate at a place similar to Pazata Hata, but with not nearly so many food option and not as good of food, but it did the job. The children have difficulty ordering from a menu. They usually have not had any say in what they eat, and they have difficulty in deciding if they cannot see it. In this restaurant they can see all the food and choose. They got quite a bit of food, and they ate it all. We then returned to the apartment for a family meeting. I talked with the children about taking care of nice things. I asked them if they broke something or damaged something if it was better it try to hide it in hopes of no one finding it or if they should come and tell dad and mom. They argreed that it would be best to come tell. I told them that dad and I know they will make mistakes, but we need them to come tell us if something happens so that we can help them take care of the problem. I told them that Heavenly Father knew that when we came to earth, that we would make mistakes too and that is why he knew we would need a Savior, Jesus Christ. If we will go to him when we make mistakes, he will help us take care of the problems and we can learn from them. Hyrum volunteered the fact to Lucy that he was running and fell on the wood floor almost smashing into one of the floor to ceiling mirrors that was on a sliding closet door. Lucy told him that to fix it would probably cost the amount of his plane ticket to America. I think he realized he ought to be more careful. He is such a curious and inquisitive boy, that he can hardly keep his hands off anything and everything. It was a good meeting. Lucy then left us for the night and went to her parents’ apartment.

Heather at the marketThe boys at the market in their new sweats

I tried to get the children to shower, but Heather kept saying the same word yTpom, pronounced ootram (the r is trilled) which means in the morning. The boys said the same thing. I tried to explain that we would all need to be fast so that we did not run out of hot water. Next thing I know, the boys went in to shower. We read scriptures and had prayer. I got into bed. Heather was laying in bed and I noticed that she had gum in her mouth. She grinned. I told her she had to put it in the garbage and brush her teach. The boys had to get up to brush their teeth also. They are starting to learn to brush their teeth every day. They have even been better at washing their hands after using the toilet and when we come home from some place. We are making progress. The children went to bed and I went in the other room to talk with Tony on the phone. It was a good day.

One Response to “Day 15 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine”
  1. Wendy says:

    Ink! Boo!
    We had an ink issues in Ukraine too. In Amy’s fancy/schmancy apartment someone sat on a ink pen on the couch! I have been a waitress for years and have washed many a pen in my laundry. HAIR SPRAY is the trick. I just spray it on the spot and re-wash. Sometimes a few times but it usually always comes out so we tried it on the couch. We didn’t have anything to lose. IT WORKED!! Maybe a little hair spray will pull the rest of the ink out of the peach chair?
    Good luck!

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