Day 13 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine


Day 13 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

Today is Thursday. My alarm woke me up at 7:15. I quickly showered, blew my hair dry, woke the Heather and Jonathon, finished a few things and headed down to meet Oleg for our medical appointment. Oleg ended up being a bit late due to traffic. He took us for a drive to the medical clinic. Jonathon had a chest x-ray and some blood drawn. We ended up waiting quite a bit. I worked with Jonathon and Heather on the English alphabet names again and also had them read to me. I also listed the full names of all 11 people in our family along with their ages. They practiced reading them. I practiced reading Russian, and they helped me. We finally were able to see the lady doctor. She spoke English. She examined both the children. I found out that Jonathon had to start his Hep B vaccination series here but could finish it at home. He also had to have his last rubella vaccine. I went upstairs to pay the cashier for the vaccines, then had to go find the nurse to give the vaccines. She gave him his rubella in theright shoulder and the Hep B in the left. They told me to watch them and that he could get a fever in the next two weeks. We were asked to sit in the hall or go to the café in the building for 30 minutes to make sure that he did not have any reaction to the vaccines. We went with Oleg to the café. The children ordered some ravioli, not the kind that you imagine with marinara sauce, this stuff had either sour cream or mayo on it. They use those two items on many foods. I had a small plate of boiled potatoes. While we sat there visiting, I had Oleg ask Jonathon what happened to the middle finger of his right hand. Did he have an accident or was he born with the enlarged upper part of his finger. I found out that he was not born with it. When he was about 10 years old, he got his finger slammed in a door and that is how it was after it healed. He is a little self-conscious about it and it makes it a little difficult to hold a pencil correctly, but he seems to manage. We all had Senora juice, our favorite brand. By the time we were done eating, it was time to go.

Jonathon, Heather & Oleg


Oleg dropped us off in front of our apartment building. We have a lovely gray door that we push a button on and the woman that sits in a little tiny room inside the building, pushes a button to open the door for us. We then race to the apartment. I usually race via the elevator, and one of the children will usually go with me while the others race up the stairs. With also do this going down. They ALWAYS win racing down, and usually ALWAYS win racing up. The elevator is definitely not the quickest way.

One of my lift operators.

Looking up at Jonathon who is starting the race of the stairs.


We found out that Lucy and Hyrum slept in quite a long time. We ended up eating ham and cheese on bread for lunch again. I received a disappointing phone call from Victor who told me that Hyrum’s passport did not arrive in Dnepr today. There is now no way that we can leave this weekend. We will be staying another week. We already were going to be having a difficult time getting a flight this weekend because of the holiday and the royal wedding. Oh, well. We are now planning our trip to western Ukraine so that I can meet Lucy’s parents and they can meet all of us. The weather there, will be more like Oregon and Washington, rainy and cold at this time of the year. We hope we have a great trip.

We sang Happy Birthday to Lucy and gave her a necklace and a bracelet today. What a way to spend your birthday eating ham and cheese sandwiches and sitting in an apartment in Kiev. We had planned on going out for her birthday dinner, but she decided she had better return to her brother’s apartment on the “left bank” to get her stuff to take home with her. She says we will have a birthday dinner with her parents tomorrow.

Lucy’s Birthday!


Oleg planned to pick us up at 1:30 to take us to our 2:00 Embassy appointment. It took him longer to get the medical records, so he was late to come pick us up. Natasha called to have Lucy walk with us to a coffee shop for Oleg to meet us so that he didn’t have to take so long to drive into the area that our apartment is located. We went there and waited for him. He finally made it, so off to the US Embassy we went. Lucy went back to our apartment to watch a movie. The appointment took a couple of hours. Jonathon had to redo his fingerprints. I completed paperwork for Hyrum while I was there. I enjoyed visiting with a woman from South Carolina that was there adopting a 12 y.o. boy from Sume (sp?) Region. Another man was there adopting a 16 year old boy. He and his wife have already adopted two twin boys from Ukraine. Very nice people. While we waited, I had Hyrum review his alphabet since he wasn’t with us earlier to do that. I then taught them each how to write their full names. We were so excited to actually get Jonathon and Heather’s passports in our hands. I am now wearing them in my passport pouch for safe keeping. I was also given the sealed envelope that I will give to immigration when we enter the States. They will keep the envelope. It was sprinkling when we left the Embassy. Oleg dropped the four of us off at our apartment.

Our walk to the coffee shop to meet up with Oleg.

Lucy and I settled upon our plan for the weekend, at least the traveling part. We still did not have the accomodations figured out. Her parents livein a very small apartment, so we are trying to find an apartment for rent.

Lucy left to meet her brother so she could ride the Metro home with him. They first had to attend some kind of meeting. Lucy spent a bit of time there and packed up her stuff. While she was away, the children and I crossed the street and ate at a little café that my family ate at our very first night in Kiev on our first trip.  The boys ate Borsch, I ate a Greek salad, and Heather drank juice. We then stopped by the market to get a few snacks for the bus tomorrow. I also took them to a bank to exchange $100. I, unfortunately missed two calls from Natasha while we were in the restaurant. The music was loud enough that I did not hear the phone ringing. I really don’t like all these televisions they have in almost all the restaurants that show music videos. It is hard not to watch them. I don’t like the children watching them. Anyways, Natasha had been trying to call me to let me know that the landlady was at our apartment building waiting to collect the rent. I ended up having to give the money to the lady in the booth on the first floor of the building. I am glad I haven’t had to pay this much per night everywhere we have stayed. It is expensive to stay in Kiev. I told Natasha that when we return to Kiev next week, I would like a smaller apartment that costs less and still sleeps 5 people.

We came home, the children showered. Well, at first they did not want to. Heather showered with no problem. I asked the boys if they had showered, they said no. I told them they had to. Just a bit later they came into my room and I asked them again if they showered. They said they had not but they had washed their feet. I told them that was good that they washed their feet, but they also had to wash the rest of their bodies so they would not stink. This was all in hand gestures and sniffing under my arm, making a face, etc. they got the point. They showered. They then found their scriptures and where we finished reading yesterday. Jonathon and Hyrum took turns reading the rest of the chapter. We, obviously, did not have any discussion, but Hyrum did finish with a prayer, and they headed off for bed.

Lucy was late returning, so I have had time to write this blog. I am not sure if I will have internet access where we will be staying, so we shall have to wait and see. Until then . . .

2 Responses to “Day 13 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine”
  1. Erica Michaelis says:

    Have a blast with Lucy’s family! I hope you get to blog while you’re there. 🙂 I love all the pictures and stories to go with them. Keep it up!

  2. kerry says:

    I am loving reading about what you are doing. I think you are just one amazing lady.

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