Day 12 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine


Day 12 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

It is now Wednesday and we are in Kiev. The train arrival time of the train into Kiev is 6:00 a.m. I still cannot figure out why they insist on waking people up over an hour before arrival. The first time the lady came and opened our door, I told Jonathon to go back to sleep. Within 15 minutes the lady came through again. I think they must be asking if we want tea or something because later on she delivers tea to people. I sure wish we could put in a request of DO NOT DISTURB until 15 minutes prior to arrival. We quickly gathered up our bedding, rolled up our mattresses, and got our luggage ready to exit the train. Lucy came into our compartment just a little bit later. She had actually been able to sleep. Last night she had come into our compartment asking if I had my iPod available. One of the men in her compartment was watching some scary movies without using ear phones, and she did not like hearing it while she was trying to sleep. I gave her my iPod and our nice earphones. She said it did the trick. She said it even covered of the snoring noise of one of the men later in the night.

A man we met in our English class in Dnepr found out we were on the train. He was also traveling to Kiev on the night train. He walked the entire length of the train to see us before we got off in the morning. I didn’t know it, but he told Lucy that he wanted to take a photo of all of us. I had no idea. He followed us off the train and through the station. He does speak pretty good English. I waved a goodbye to him when we saw our taxi drive, and we hurried of. I feel quite badly about not letting him take a photo. He may think we are quite rude. “Please forgive me, sir.”

We arrived in the Kiev train station.  Jonathon insists on carry as much luggage as he possibly can so that I do not have to carry any. It was great to have Hyrum and Jonathon doing the hauling of the luggage and getting it off the train. We took the luggage out to the front of the train station where we found our taxi drive with the red van that we had used when Tony, Sam and Gabe were with me. He took us to our apartment that is in the city center near where we had stayed on our first trip. Wow! It is quite a large apartment. The kids love it.

I got showered and dressed. Lucy went to the market to get some yogurt. We ate a little breakfast. Natasha arrived and the two of us sat down and quickly filled out a bunch of forms times three for our U.S. Embassy appointment scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Natasha, the children, and I all took a taxi to the US Embassy.  This taxi driver had Handel’s Messiah playing. I loved it  

There were so many people outside the embassy. I guess it is the time of year that all the students that are going to study in America have to get their paperwork completed. Americans do not need to wait in line, so Natasha tried to get us in. A man told her we needed to talk to the embassy worker with a “tail.” She wasn’t sure what the man meant. We did find the man with the “tail.” He had long hair and it was pulled back in a ponytail. He gave us a pass and we were able to quickly be let in. I had to go through inspection. They took my cell phones, my charger, and my camera to store until I was finished. I talk with a lady about all our papers, filled in more information, and answered some questions. I paid over $400 for each of the children’s paperwork fees. Jonathon had to get his fingerprints taken since he is over 16 years old. It took a while, but we had completed all our preparation work for our US Embassy appointment that will be tomorrow. We walked back to our apartment. Another lovely day for a walk.

Our walk back from the Embassy.



Look! Things are getting green!! 

I decided that the children needed a really good meal after that McDonalds fiasco yesterday, so we headed for Pazata Hata where the children eat really well. Boy did they load up their trays. I think they surprised themselves by eating it all. Heather commented about it.

After going down halfway to the center of the earth on the Metro escalator, we caught the Metro that took us close to a museum that has many miniature items. We call it the miniature museum. I do not know its official name. It was closed when Tony and I tried to take Sam and Gabe. We had to walk quite a distance after getting off the Metro, and I was so very grateful that we had a toy called a camera. The children didn’t even notice how far we walked because they were so busy taking photos of just about everything. It was great. The day was quite hot. We bought popsicles to cool us off. They were very good berry pops. The miniature museum was quite interesting. We looked through a magnifying glass on each of the 25 or so display cases. The same man makes all the displays. They are quite amazing. I am sure I would never have the patience to spend the time making such miniature items like a chess set on the tiny head of a straight pin.

Down in the Metro

In the subway train.

I received a phone call from Victor while we were on our way home from the museum. He said that only two of the three passports came today. That is not the best news. We needed them all to come. Hmm?! The hope is that the lone passport will arrive tomorrow in Dnepr. Victor will send the two passports up to Kiev on the night train and stay in Dnepr to get the passport tomorrow. Oleg, the attorney in Kiev, will get the passports from the train station in the morning and then come by to pick up me, Jonathon, and Heather for their medical appointments at 8:00 a.m. Lucy and Hyrum get to sleep in.

The camera did not entertain the children on the walk back to the Metro. We purchased water on our way. We were glad to descend into the earth once again. It is cooler there. We took the Metro and headed to our apartment. We had very happy feet once we got our shoes and socks off so they could breathe! The children all fell asleep as did Lucy.

Our walk back to the Metro.
one of the long escalators descending into the earth
I let them nap for a bit, but one Jonathon woke up, we woke them all up. We walk some distance to get to a Chilentanos Pizza restaurant. It is not the closest one, but it is very near a grocery market the “Bille” that we wanted to get groceries from.  We purchased food to get us by for a couple of days. Jonathon and Hyrum carried the groceries and we all took the long but nice walk home. It was a very beautiful evening to walk.

We reviewed a bit of English, read scriptures, and then went to bed. Please add some Skyping in there.


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