Day 9 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine



Day 9 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

Today I woke up at 6:30 before everyone else and wrote my blog for Saturday. I couldn’t get the internet to work, but at least the blog was written up. I am so very glad that I am writing this. It doesn’t take very many days for the days and events to start blurring together. After I finished typing, I fell asleep for just a bit. The children slept in as long as they ever have on this trip. We all got ready for church at a leisurely pace. We packed up some string cheese and round hard breads that are like pretzels, but not salty. We figured that since the children are not used to going to church let alone going to church for 3 hours, that we had better have some kind of a little snack.

The boys had hoped that we were going to go purchase a soccer ball this morning. We explained to them that we do the best we can to not purchase things on Sundays. We believe that the Sabbath should be a day of rest from our regular work week and that we try not to do things that require other people to work.

Sacrament meeting was first. We were able to partake of the sacrament. Several of the young adult age youth that were at family home evening and/or English class, were the speakers in sacrament meeting. Three were lovely young ladies and the young man had just been called to be young men’s president. The talks were ALL excellent. It is amazing how true the gospel of Jesus Christ is throughout the world. The testimonies that they bore in regards to obedience, the patriarchal responsibility of the men, etc. were so powerful. I loved it. Ryan’s friend, Fova, taught the gospel essentials class in Sunday school. The lesson was on repentance. It was wonderful. Jonathon was with us in Sunday School class, but Hyrum and Heather went to Primary. It was the two of them and another little boy. They enjoyed that hour and then joined us again. Jonathon and Hyrum then went with the men for priesthood and Lucy and I took Heather to Young Women’s.

I asked Jonathon as we were walking home what they talked about in the priesthood class. He said something about men stuff. He then clarified with saying that they talked about the responsibilities of men. The missionaries here in Dnepr are soooo wonderful. I appreciated the elders that so eagerly translated for me. We enjoyed eating our string cheese and boobleeki (sp?!) on our nice walk home. Hyrum wanted to eat at Pazata Hata. We told him were had food at home and that we would not be eating out today.

Lucy, Hyrum, Jonathon & Heather along the Dnepr River
Hyrum, Anne, Heather & Jonathon
Hyrum, Jonathon & Heather
Our walk back home

Toward evening we walked down along the Dnepr River. There were many people there due to the Easter holiday. The temperature was just perfect. We walked for a couple of hours. Lucy said that our friend Kim Golling, who adopted two boys from Zap a couple of weeks ago, would have loved to be with us. Kim, it was way better than a walk in Zap in the rain. You would have loved it! We past McDonalds on our walk back through town on our way home. Hyrum really wanted to go there. I will have to see if I can handle eating at McDonalds while we are here. We Skyped with the family at home, the boys watched a movie, and Heather went to bed. I was able to get into bed by 11:30.

Us Skyping from Ukraine
Anne & Hyrum Skyping
Skyping Ryan & Tony
4 Responses to “Day 9 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine”
  1. Valja says:

    You are so cute and loving Anne. I love reading about what you are doing and the adventure and patience of it!

  2. Erica Michaelis says:

    Aw! So neat! I love your pictures and know (almost) exactly where you were. 🙂 Masha and the girls and I never went that far down, but we saw that ball Lucy and the kids were on from a distance. Even though the drive to Ira’s village was quite annoying, I’m very glad we stayed in Dnepro.

    I’m inspired by your teaching the kids about the Sabbath. I had a hard time with that when I was there. That first Sunday without Brandon Masha wanted to go to the pizza place after the park. I told her I’d really rather not buy things on Sunday. After having to tell her that a couple of times, she said she would pay. 🙂 Knowing she really didn’t understand and also knowing the Tab Choir eats out on Sundays when they travel, we went ahead and did it. I’m sure my salvation isn’t in jeopardy because of it, but you inspire me to be better. Thank you.

  3. Christy Hinkson says:

    I loved your pictures! Good for you for not buying a soccor ball on Sunday. One of the first thing that our new boys figured out was that Sunday is not like every other day and they respect it now. Hang in there. Hope to see you all soon

  4. Kerry says:

    You are making me actually miss Ukraine! Love reading about it all! Cute kids.

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