Day 5 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine


Day 5 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine

This is going to be a very abbreviated description of Day. Lucy is sitting behind me in her bed watching Singles Ward and laughing, while Heather is off to the side of me sleeping and the boys are sleeping in their room.

Heather was up bright and early this morning with a big smile on her face. I cooked up some thick, yummy oatmeal, not as tasty as Tony’s, but yummy none the less. We headed off to the open market with a mission to buy shoes for the children. On the way, we stopped by the movie theatre to buy tickets for the movie Rio. It is the last day it will be in town. We purchased them for the 2:40 showing. We commenced our walk to the market. We wandered through until we found a big shoe shop. Luba wanted a pair of white shoes with pink and silver. They were too small, so we talked her into a white leather tennis shoe with laces and some pink. They are quite cute and way more comfortable than the first pair she likes. I think she really loves them now. The boys also chose white shoes with just a touch of color on them. I was pleased with all three pairs. Since shopping is NOT my favorite thing to do, we purchased the shoes and left the market. We went back to the apartment and had the children wash their feet, put new socks on, put their old shoes outside on the balcony, and put their new shoes on their feet. We ate a quick-lunch and hurried off to watch Rio in 3D.

Lunch time!

We received word that the children’s Tax ID numbers did NOT come in today as hoped. Our chances of getting home within two weeks of my leaving Utah are now fewer, but there is still hope. We will keep hoping that we (with great help from our Adoption Agency and great deal of prayer) can make it happen!

Lucy and Luba
Zhenia and Yuri
The movie was very fun to watch. I am sure glad that I had just watched it with my family the night before I flew to Ukraine. I at least knew what was going on. Since I was not fully engaged, but was feeling completely sleep deprived, I nodded off to sleep now and again. The seats were very comfortable, but the backs were not tall enough for me to sleep very well.

We went back to our apartment to have a yogurt snack and hang out for a bit. At 6:00, we met the missionaries, Elders Hammon and Torrance, for dinner at the pizza place. They then came with us to our apartment to teach the children about Jesus Christ and prayer. They also helped them with some English. They were the same elders that taught the beginning English class the night before. Their families should be very proud of them. They are great, friendly missionaries that brought a sweet spirit into our little apartment. We had a great evening.  Zhenia volunteered to say a prayer during the lesson. Lucy said that he said the prayer all in beautiful Russian (Ukrainian is their main language). He did hesitate or stumble in his words.

Learning from the missionaries.

We headed out the door with the missionaries so that they could show us where to buy tickets to the soccer game on Saturday which they are also attending. After they purchased their tickets, it was my turn to purchase our tickets. I put in my Chase Bank Visa card, and we went through the whole series of questions (what game?, how many tickets?, what section?, what row?, What set number?). We had to abort and restart a couple of times. When we finally pushed the buy button, I was told my card would not let me purchase the tickets. I am sure glad it was daytime in Utah so that I could text Tony to see if he had called the bank to let them know I would be out of the country. I had not done it before I left, so he was going to do it. Sure enough he had not. Our minds were on the same wavelength, however, because he had just called the bank as I was probably finishing up my transaction. He received my text just a few minutes after he had called the bank. We when through the whole process again and we were successful this time. Yeah! We have tickets for the soccer game on Saturday. Yuri is so happy about that.

One Response to “Day 5 of Anne’s Journey Back to Ukraine”
  1. John Lee says:

    Ann we noticed our friends Dale and Cynthia Nielson tell them hi from Livermore Lee’s. We know them well.My sister knew them at Stanford (Tell Cynthia my sister Lisa Evans and her husband Eric have been called to be mission presidents in Japan Sapouro mission.)
    Dale and I were on the High Council together he was executive secretary, What a small world.

    Thank you for this blogg our family is enjoying your growing family by adoption. As Donna is “enjoying” her growing…mid section. With all you are going through for your tiplets it helps Donna deal with her single pregnancy.

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