Anne is “Back in the USSR” (sort of)

By Tony:

Anne left Saturday morning for Ukraine for the second time.  Her first 5 hour layover was in Washington, DC.  She had checked one bag at Salt Lake and took one carry-on and her backpack on the plane to Washington, DC.  Apparently, they are more strict with carry-ons for international flights as a lady went around the waiting area in Washington, DC and was telling people that their carry on was too big and had to be checked.  Of course, with Anne, she had the largest carry-on you could imagine and the lady nixed it right away and made Anne check the bag instead of carrying it on.  Fortunately, she was not charged a fee for the second bag.  After an all night flight to Munich, it was another 5 hour wait before the final flight to Kiev.  Anne was happy and relieved to make it safely to Ukraine and was especially pleased when both bags came out of the chute. Anne met Lucy and they got checked into their apartment in Kiev for the night without problems.

Monday morning they took the express train to Dnepropotrovsk and checked into what Anne described as a “lovely” apartment.  She has been super busy and has yet to be able to blog so she asked that I get her started.  She will fill in the gaps and let everyone know what is going on over there along with some pictures when she catches her breath.

As for all the bachelors left here at home, we are fending for ourselves pretty well.  I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be eating out a little more often than usual.

3 Responses to “Anne is “Back in the USSR” (sort of)”
  1. Andreas Horlacher says:

    Good luck Anne. Hope you make it through this quickly and back home again soon.

  2. Thanks, Tony! The title immediately put the song in my head, which I assume is what you were thinking. 🙂

    Thanks for the update. I hope and pray that all goes well and that she and the kids return home quickly.

  3. Erica Michaelis says:

    I’m so glad you made it safe! Where is your apartment in Dnepro? We had three there and the last was by far the very best. If you need me to get you in touch with the landlord I had there for when you’re waiting on passports, let me know! He was very nice and spoke some English as well. 🙂

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