Adoption Update

No, we did not adopt all these wonderful, athletic college kids in the photo . . .

Well, we have been home now for over a week and are still waiting to find out when I should return. Tomorrow, our facilitator will be applying for our Tax ID Numbers for the children.  He is hoping to get an estimate for how long it will take for them to get the numbers. These numbers are the ones that it took the family  before us 2 1/2 weeks to get. That is why they have suggested that I stay at home until they get an estimate instead of waiting in Ukraine. At this point, it looks like I will spend my 26th wedding anniversary and Easter in Ukraine. Our son, Ryan, who speaks Russian will also be gone to Russia for a 3 month study abroad program before we get back. We were so hoping to have his help the first week or two with our new children.

So, I will let you know tomorrow if we find anything new out as to my departure. In the mean time, I will be packed, ready, and waiting to go.

The photo is of our son, Ryan, who’s team just won the BYU COED Soccer Finals last night! The score was 8 – 0. Even though it was not a close game, it was very fun to watch. Ryan is our son that went on a mission to Ukraine.

Ryan is on the top row, third from the right

Ryan scored the first goal of the game

2 Responses to “Adoption Update”
  1. andreas says:

    It was good to see you and the other day. I can’t wait until you are the family walking off of that plane! I’m sure your kids are very excited for you to come back and bring them home, as are you and your bio family.

    We look forward to your next post with some possible dates! And congrats to Ryan and his team. They are all smiling so big in that picture – obviously the win made them very happy.

  2. Dan Faber says:

    How come I didn’t get invited to the soccer game?

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