April 2 Day 22 of Journey

In St. Michael's square looking toward St. Sopia

April 2, 2011 Day 22 of Journey

This morning was shopping at the open air market near St. Andrews.  A few t-shirts, fur hats, and those Russian Matrioshkis where there is a figure inside a figure forever.

In the afternoon we went to the water museum up on the hill near the river.  It is in one of the originally water towers used for supplying water to the city.  It was quite interesting to see how water gets from the river/air into our home and back again after a hefty cleaning process to be picked up by the next city down the river.


A final visit to Puzata Hota and it was rush-rush home to get ready for the Operetta with Oleg’s wife, Oksana, playing a part.  The title was “Welcome to Ukraine” and it has been especially produced in preparation for the UEFA Cup which will be held in Ukraine and Poland next year.  The UEFA Cup is a soccer tournament involving only European Countries and is considered the largest sporting event over here next to the World Cup.  They are actively building a new stadium right next to the theater.  Anyway, the operetta is for all the people coming to Ukraine for the event and basically tells the story of the country and its people.  It was quite well done and we were glad that Gabe said that it was ok to go.

One Response to “April 2 Day 22 of Journey”
  1. Erica says:

    I got to see the dress rehearsal! I really, really enjoyed it too! Hopefully you actually got to meet Oleg’s wife. I wanted to, but wasn’t able to. Fun stuff!

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