April 1 Day 21 of Journey

April 1, 2011 Day 21 of journey

We arrived in Kiev at 6:00am this morning on the train.  We slept right up until the train stopped and then were told that we had to get off with all of our stuff right away before the train left for the train yard.  We thought we had more time but managed to get off with everything.

Another scrumptious bowl of oatmeal in our new apartment (same building as first Kiev apartment but different level), and it was off to the Notary to sign some more documents. I have figured out why I hate Disneyland­­­—lines and waiting.  Seems like that is all anybody does around here is to hurry up and get in some line and then wait.  Unfortunately, at the end of the line here you don’t get the payoff of going on some Indiana Jones ride.  I guess the ultimate payoff here will be getting these three children home.  That beats Disneyland any day.

After the Notary it was finishing the US embassy paperwork so Anne could finish the adoption by herself.  Unlike the notary, there was no line at the embassy.   There was also nobody where we were told to go.  “Hello…? Prevyet…?”  You sort of get a little nervous snooping around the US embassy after going through some serious security and bullet proof glass wondering if you will run into some guy with a machine gun.  They must have been just returning from lunch or something because after a couple of minutes they called me up to the window which of course had bullet proof glass.  They had me take an oath that the information I was providing was correct and then I signed the documents.  Andy Golling singed after me and we were walking out the door within 10 minutes of walking in.  Natasha, from previous experience had thought that it would take over an hour, had gone to a café and had just ordered lunch.  So we joined her and had a little snack before joining the family for a short walk around Kiev.

Dinner was at the Kiev Puzata Hota (seems like that is our favorite place in Ukraine).  We had dinner with Alex, Lucy’s brother, his wife and son and Yuri¸a friend of our son Ryan.

Everything is now done here except for the waiting. We will leave for home on Monday and wait until we hear from Victor and then Anne will be on the next plane to Ukraine.

One Response to “April 1 Day 21 of Journey”
  1. Erica says:

    I’m sure you’re already in the air, but safe travels!!!!!!!

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