March 29 Day 18 of Journey

Can you guess what this is?


March 29, 2011 Day 18 of Journey
By Tony
Today has been basically a dead day. Kerry Shaw came over as her husband, Spencer, left for the States while Kerry is waiting to complete the adoption. It has been rainy and cold so much of the day was spent inside playing games, watching “Over the Hedge” for about the fifth time in one day, and just talking. We did get to the mall and purchased a microphone as the built-in mic on the laptop has not worked very well. For four bucks it was worth the risk. Turns out that it works great as we are now able to make calls/skype on the computer and have others actually hear what we are trying to say.

Dinner was at Puzata Hata along with the Gollings, Cerans, Hansens, and Shaws. Everybody seems to be holding up quite well and it is nice to feel everybody’s strength to give us courage to keep on going.

After dinner some of us walked half way home before paying 25 cents to ride one of those “marushkas” (or whatever they are called) the rest of the way. We have started The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig which Gabe was very resistant to start but now that we have, he is demanding that we read all night.

The picture above was from the mall we went to today. The door on the left leads to the potty and the lady behind the bullet-proof  glass is the “Potty Nazi”  (Note from Anne: Tony adds such drama to his posts!). It costs 20 cents to go through that door and one better not dare trying to sneak in. She has secret cameras to know where the “sneakers” are and can turn on an electric current to give them a real charge. Those of you dumb enough to have tried this on an electric fence know that it is not something you do twice! At the end of the day the floor in her booth lowers on hydraulics and she escapes through a secret tunnel to protect her from retribution from anybody she has zapped.  The thingy just to the right of her just looks like a glass door to fake people out as those who got zapped try to get at her and end up hanging around long enough for the police to show up and haul them off for a mandatory 30 day bathroom cleaning duty.

Note from Anne: 

Lucy’s brother called early in the morning to let Lucy know that some tickets on the overnight train to Keiv had been freed up from reservations so Tony and Lucy dashed off to the big hotel near our apartment to the travel agency to purchase a train room (four beds — two top bunks and two bottom with a door that locks) plus an extra bed on the train (there are five of us).

 I loved having Kerry Shaw with us for the day. We sat in the kitchen and talked for a long time. I don’t think we solved any of the world’s problems, but I sure enjoyed our “mom talk.” I have said many times that I am sure our Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor. He sends us children with such a variety of personalities that life becomes very interesting. My friend, Chris Larsen, and I sat on her stairs visiting after a Christmas party at her home this past Christmas season. I told her that I would NEVER be publishing a parenting book, because after having six children, we still don’t quite know what we are doing in the parenting department (I know what you are thinking . . . what are Tony ad Anne adopting three more children for?! The thought crosses our minds too!) Well, back to my story. Chris and I talked about how funny it is that when we first get married, we have so many theories and thoughts about parenting. After having our first child, a few of our theories get discredited. After having our second child, a few more theories get discredited. After our third child, a few more. By the time we have four children we have no more theories on parenting. This is true for Tony and I. I know it must not happen to everyone, because there are MANY parenting books out there — either these authors are quite amazing, or they haven’t had enough children yet and still have a few theories remaining. I must say that my most dependable sources of correct parenting help is from prayer and the word of God.

It was very nice to have a lazy day today.

3 Responses to “March 29 Day 18 of Journey”
  1. Andreas Horlacher says:

    Tony, you are a nut. They way they act, though, one could read that post and make you think this was the complete truth. Upon closer glance, she appears to quite an older woman, so I’m thinking the sudden drop through her escape hatch might be hard on her heart. lol

    It’s so much fun reading about how things are going. How is your family liking being in Ukraine? Are they enjoying some of the land and taking it all in? They’re probably anxious to get back home and back into school. 🙂 Are you able to take Myck out of the orphanage much? That’s great that you are able to spend time with some of the other families. When husbands leave, that is when that companionship really helps.

    God bless!

  2. Kerry says:

    Tony~ I hope you don’t mind me ‘borrowing’ your bathroom nazi picture. I am much too afraid to pull my camera on her! But I really did want that picture. My family will not believe that! Funny. Thanks again for letting me tag along with your family. i had a great day. Good luck in court.

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