March 22, 23 Days 11 and 12 of Journey

March 22, 2011 Day number 11 of Journey


Another day at the orphanage making friendship bracelets and playing soccer on the muddy soccer field. Still no word on a courta date.

March 23,2011 Day number 12 of Journey

Another day at the orphanage making friendship bracelets and playing soccer and ping-pong. Victor showed up to the orphage with David Howick and James (Kola). We were informed that our court date will be next Thursday, March 31. Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed as we were hoping that our date would be on Monday or Tuesday. Our biggest problem is that we have plane tickets to fly back home on that very Thursday. We will see what we can do to change our tickets to fly out later.

The reason that we could not get an earlier date is that the judge for our case is hearing a criminal case and will not be finished until Thursday morning. Victor did say that we are actually the first civil case to be heard after the criminal case and that it was possible that she could have stuck us with a May date. After our initial disappointment, we are excited to proceed with this next step. We will end up getting home a couple of days later which in the grand scheme of things is a minor annoyance.


Now that Victor has done all the paper work and we are simply waiting around for a week, we are going to transer our residence from Nikopol to Zaparozhye tomorrow until our court date.

3 Responses to “March 22, 23 Days 11 and 12 of Journey”
  1. Wendy says:

    Woot! Glad to know you’re still alive and haven’t falling into some pothole over there!
    Grrr…for court dates not falling into place as planned, but at least you have a positive attitude about it. I felt like we waited forever, after our actual date it was shared that most folks wait THREE months in our region. At least the last family from German did. So it’s good to look at the bright side….right?
    Hang in there!

  2. Cindy Huntress says:

    I have found that the annoyances and changes in the schedule were the stuff that made the whole story interesting. The more stuff that caused challenges, the better the story! It told something about the culture and place where these children come from. After this whole trip is over and you’ve arrived home if won’t matter at all that you were delayed.

  3. Erica says:

    I know the feeling! We waited 2 whole weeks from the time our papers were submitted to the court until our actual date. I’m sorry! We had a smiliar thing happen too where they were trying to move our date up to Thursday or Friday of the week before, but because of a criminal case we had to wait until our original date of the next Tuesday. Fun stuff.

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