Day four of our journey (Tuesday, March 15th)

I am realizing, even though I already knew it, how little exercising I have done this past winter. We have walked a great deal in the past couple of days. At least I am not sore at all.

Well, let me back up. . .

Tony woke up early, as usual. Gabe, who fell asleep while we were at a restaurant last night with ALL seven of the families that are currently over here adopting from Utah, was the second one to wake up this morning. I woke up to his voice jabbering away to Tony. I got up and scrambled some eggs for breakfast. I am REALLY missing my morning fruit smoothly for breakfast. After breakfast, the Cooks and Shaws came by with a tour guide, and we all headed off to see some sites. Tony will fill you in on those.

I am so glad that all of you are out there waiting to get our blogs. It makes us sit down and actually do it. Otherwise, I think I would convince myself that I will remember all of the happenings and write about it later. That would be called self-deception. I am sitting here right now trying to remember the details of today, and I am having a hard time. Tony will need to fill in what I miss.

Late this afternoon, just before we headed back to the SDA, I was in our apartment boiling water to wash the dishes. The cooktop is a gas stove with a glass top. Pretty nice looking. We figured out how to get the burners  lit on our first day here. It was a bit tricky. This was our third day that we used the cooktop.  So, I grabbed the hot pot of water to pull off the cooktop to set in the sink to wash the dishes. As I was pulling it off the glass, there was a BIG explosive sound and the glass top exploded all over the kitchen. I called for Tony to come in.  He stood there for just a minute looking at the mess of glass all over the place. The front metal piece that attached to the glass had landed five or so feet away.  He then noticed the back metal piece on the glass was actually a hinge that stood itself up during the explosion of glass. Yep, you got it, the glass piece was just a covering for the burners when not in use. I just calculated that since I left the home of my parents, I have lived and cooked in more than 14 different apartments or homes. Tony has lived in even more than that. Even after all those living locations, we did not have a clue to lift the large top glass cover off. Have any of you even seen a cook top like that? Some of you may be shaking your head and saying, “Duh, I would have known to lift it up.”  Oh well, we had to clean up our mess and will have to find out how much we owe to get a new one. In the process, Tony had to go down our four flights of stairs a few times to ask for a broom and dust pan and then a Philipps screw driver. He actually just took our English/Russian Oxford picture dictionary downstairs to the lady that sits in the little room next to the locked front door to the building and pointed to the picture of the needed items. Tony and I did a thorough cleanup.

We met our facilitator (Natasha) and two of the other families (Cooks and Shaws) at the SDA to get our letter of recommendation, so we can see the children at the orphanage. We ended up having to wait in line a while.  I ended of chatting with some of the other couples that were in line speaking English. One couple was from California, another from Oregon, and then a young couple from Alabama/Kentucky area. Very nice people.

We spent the evening at home, Gabe fell asleep early on the sofa. The Shaws and Cooks came by our place with Natasha, because the Shaws stored their luggage at our place when they had to check out of their apartement earlier in the day. They were getting ready to head off for the over-night train to Zaparozhe (sp?).  While they were there, Natasha was able to look at the cooktop problem and call the lady we are renting from so we could determine how much we needed to pay to cover the cost of replacing it.

There was no train running to Nikopol on Tuesday nights, we had to stay an extra night here in Kiev.  The train to Nikopol only runs every other day.  They have been unable to get tickets for the train to Nikopol yet because they are all booked out and won’t release any seats until 24 hours out.  We have been told not to worry about the tickets.  Guess what?  We are plenty worried.

6 Responses to “Day four of our journey (Tuesday, March 15th)”
  1. Wendy says:

    Oh my goodness. I sell real estate and have never seen a house with a stove top that has a hinged down glass piece. (And I have shown a LOT of houses!) Maybe it’s a European thing? How scary. You’re lucky you weren’t hurt.
    How fun to have so many families there at the same time. Enjoy Keiv. If your orphanage is in a place like ours, Keiv will seem like heaven compared to it!
    Can’t wait for you to see your kids!

  2. Andreas Horlacher says:

    Exploding glass?! Scary stuff. Thankfully you were not standing over the top of it and nobody was not hurt.

    You now have your referral? It sounds like you’ll be at the orphanage in the next day or so? We’re anxious to see pictures of that reunion. I’m sure the kids in V are waiting on pins and needles for you. Meanwhile, it is so great that you are able to spend time with some of the other families.

  3. Stephanie Holbrook says:

    I’m so glad that you didn’t get hurt! That is crazy! We are so glad that you have your referral! How exciting to be so close to seeing those sweet kids again! I hope you get your tickets soon so that you don’t have to worry about that:) Safe travels!!

  4. Kerry says:

    such a fun day. I’m glad to have your blog. I hope that your internet gets working soon so that we can read about things when we are seperated.

  5. Helen says:

    Thanks for the updates Anne! It’s great to hear about your trip and all the happenings. Glad everyone is safe and that the cook top incident wasn’t harmful at all–except to your pocketbook! Love you!!

  6. Nancy Mann says:


    What an experience of a life time. How fun to share this time with others going through the same things you are. Enjoy the sights, the feelings and the reward you will embrace when you are able to gather your new family members in your arms and welcome them into your circle of love. Can’t wait to see pictures!

    Good luck and know that prayers are being offered for your safety and quick return!

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