March 30 Day 19 of Journey

  March 30, 2011 Day 19 of Journey  By Tony A lazy morning followed by what was supposedly a final trip to the orphanage. The weather was beautiful today. All the ice has melted off the waters and we no longer see snow. For the first time since our arrival we saw jets flying in … Continue reading

March 29 Day 18 of Journey

  March 29, 2011 Day 18 of Journey By Tony Today has been basically a dead day. Kerry Shaw came over as her husband, Spencer, left for the States while Kerry is waiting to complete the adoption. It has been rainy and cold so much of the day was spent inside playing games, watching “Over … Continue reading

March 28 Day 17 of Journey

March 28, 2011 Day 17 of Journey  By Tony We had a quiet morning punctuated by my most awesome oatmeal. Fortunately, Anne had brought spices for my oatmeal and I didn’t realize it until about a week into the trip. For over the last week now we have been having this nice warm oatmeal to fortify us … Continue reading

March 26, 27 Days 15 and 16


March 26, 2011 We cooked a meal at home and spent time catching up on our blog and emails. We enjoyed Skyping Caleb and Ryan. We tried to Skype one of Gabe’s friends through his dad’s Skype, not realizing that the dad is in Japan and not Utah. It was Sunday early afternoon in Utah but the … Continue reading

March 25 Day 14 of Journey

March 25, 2011 Day 14 of Journey By Tony: You may wonder what the orpahage is like where the children are staying. Their orphanage is located in the small village of Veeshehtarasivka which is just north of the Dneper River. I think that there is one small store (I use that word generously) and probably … Continue reading

March 24 Day 13 of Journey

March 24, 2011 Day 13 of Journey By Tony Remember how I wrote that it looked like the fields had been sown with plastic bag seedlings? Well,it is now harvest time and people are everywhere with rakes and shovels cleaning things up. I guess it has gotten warm enough for people to start thinking about … Continue reading

March 22, 23 Days 11 and 12 of Journey

March 22, 2011 Day number 11 of Journey   Another day at the orphanage making friendship bracelets and playing soccer on the muddy soccer field. Still no word on a courta date. March 23,2011 Day number 12 of Journey Another day at the orphanage making friendship bracelets and playing soccer and ping-pong. Victor showed up … Continue reading

March 21 (Day 10 of Journey)

We came over to Howick’s apartment again to use the internet. So we are uploading our blog from yesterday. March 21, 2011 Day 10 of Journey by Tony The biggest news of the day is that Lucy Lavrinenko joined us this morning. We met her in Utah last fall as she was staying in the … Continue reading

Day 9 (Sunday March 20)

  Day nine of our journey (Sunday, March 20th) Happy Birthday to Justin (our oldest son turning 24 y.o. today)!! Nothing very eventful happened this morning as we got ready for church. We all showered in the bathroom and were actually able to close the door. If the washing machine is going, we cannot close … Continue reading

Day 8 (Saturday March 19)

Day 8 of our journey (Saturday, March 19th) Gabe was up bright and early again this morning. I sure wish he would get up so bright and early when we are at home. I stayed in bed as long as I could. I have been sleeping with my eye mask (it is one of the … Continue reading