We Now Have an SDA Appointment!

Photo of our children having Nerf wars during our hosting in October - November 2010

This past week we received our SDA appointment.  It feels good to have a departure date to aim toward instead of being in limbo.  We will be heading off the middle of March.  As we understand a rough schedule is as follows:

Monday:  State Department of Adoption (SDA) appointment

Tuesday:  Go back at 4:30 p.m. to the SDA to pick up approved paperwork that gives us permission to see our children at the orphanage; take an overnight train to a city near the orphanage

Wednesday:  Arrive on overnight train; go to rented room to take luggage and get cleaned up; go to the orphanage!! Hopefully, we will be able to have the children write and sign their papers saying they want us to adopt them.

Thursday:  Run around getting paperwork signed and notarized; this can take up to 4 or 5 days

That is about as far as I can give daily details because the paperwork timing.  After we get the papers completed, I believe that they are sent back to Kiev to the SDA for some kind of approval.  When we get the paperwork back from Kiev, we go to the local court in the region/area/something like that to apply for a court date.  The court will then assign us a court date that can be anywhere from 7 to 10 business days away (I think).

We will then go to the court on our court date. The children will also be there, along with anyone else that has a say in this decision.  Yulia is the orphanage director who we had stay in our home for a week during our hosting program back in Oct.-Nov.  She is a lovely lady.  We hope that she will speak in our favor.

After the court APPROVES our adoption, we will travel back to Kiev to go to the U.S. Embassy for Tony to sign papers giving me permission to take care of the rest of the paperwork when I come back to get the children.  We will then return to the States without the three children for our 10 day waiting period.

Once the 10 days are almost over, I will fly back to Ukraine to pick up the children on the 11th day after the court date.  It will take me 7 to 10 days to run around getting more paperwork completed.  I will need to go to the place the children were born to get new birth certificates, the children will need to get medical exams, more paperwork, then to the U.S. embassy to finalize immigration papers, and then I don’t know what else . . .

Our other great news of the week is that Tony’s parents have agreed to help us out here at home while we are away the first time, and my parents have said they will come stay while I return for the second time.  So wonderful to have family that can help out.  As old as Tony and I are, we are still so very grateful for our parents and our siblings.  It is wonderful to be part of a family.  We hope that our three new children will feel the same way.

Thanks to all of you that have sent emails of encouragement and support, we really appreciate you and your support.

5 Responses to “We Now Have an SDA Appointment!”
  1. Erica says:

    Yea! It will be fun to have you guys here, even if we won’t see each other! 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Congrats on your travel date! How exciting. That’s the same time we traveled two years ago. (Our SDA date was the 19th of March.) The weather will be chilly at first but you’ll get to see some warmer days towards the end but not the frigid temps that our families are experiencing right now! In fact towards the end in Kiev it was down right sunny and shirt sleeve weather. But the first weeks were rainy and chilly.

  3. Andreas Horlacher says:

    Excellent news. Congratulations to you guys!

    • Maryalice says:

      What fantastic news. Couldn’t think of a better family to receive these children. Best wishes in the coming month with everything. We will pray for you!

  4. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to help. I can come up to stay with kids if needed.

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