No News Yet About Our SDA Appointment

We are still PATIENTLY waiting to get word about when our appointment with the State Department of Adoption (SDA) in Ukraine will be.  One of the families that submitted at the same time that we submitted received verbal word that their date will be sometime around March 14th.   That family submitted their papers a day before we submitted.  We are hoping to find out our SDA appointment by the end of the week.  It has been two weeks since we submitted our paperwork.

The family that has been in Ukraine the past couple of weeks adopting a boy from the same orphanage that our children are in, has just finished their court hearing and all went well.  They have completed the adoption and now must wait for the 10 business days that are required before the adoption is official.  It will then take about 10 more days to get all the other paper work completed to take the child out of the country.  Whew!  We are very excited for the family and their new son.

Today was one of those winter days that makes me VERY ready for Spring to come.  The one advantage to our not being able to go to Ukraine sooner is that we will miss some of the cold, cold weather they are having.

2 Responses to “No News Yet About Our SDA Appointment”
  1. Karen Wheiler says:

    Wishing you much luck in your new adventure! We look forward to seeing your updates on your blog. Way to go!

  2. Erica says:

    Good news is that it’s 10 calendar days. :^) We are anxiously waiting to hear when you’ll be over here!

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