We talked with our children in Ukraine today.

This morning, we woke one of our college sons, Ryan, up at 6:30 (again) so that he could help us call our children in Ukraine.  After trying to call through the orphanage office a few time, we finally tried to call the cell number for the family that is currently over there in Ukraine.  We got right through, and one of our children was right there with that family.  We were able to talk with all three of the children again, and they all confirmed that they want us to come adopt them.

We are very PATIENTLY waiting to get our appointment date with the State Department of Adoption (SDA) in Ukraine.  This appointment will be the first thing that we will be doing when we get there.  The SDA will give us permission to go to the orphanage to see the children.  At that point, the children will be able to write a statement and sign it saying that they want us to adopt them.  This paper from each of the children will be the beginning of a bunch of paperwork that will begin.  I am not sure what all the paperwork is, but it will all be submitted to the court.  Once the paperwork is completed and submitted to the court, the court will assign us a court date.  The court date is usually within two weeks of the SDA appointment, but not always.  Tony and I both have to be there for the SDA appointment through the court hearing. I am assuming that those of you reading this that actually have had experience adopting from Ukraine will correct any of my ignorant errors.

We will let you all know when we get our date!  Hopefully, that will be this week!!

5 Responses to “We talked with our children in Ukraine today.”
  1. Stephanie Holbrook says:

    Can’t wait to hear when your date is!! How lucky that you have a translator right there in your home! I’m glad that you were able to speak with your “kids.” 🙂

    • Andreas Horlacher says:

      It’s great that you get to talk to them. That keeps them going. We are so anxious to hear when you finally get to go. Thanks for blogging!

  2. Thanks for setting up this blog. It will help you keep everyone updated on the progress. When you’re ready, be sure and post it in our Facebook family group so that everyone knows about it.

  3. Erica says:

    Yea! You’ve started blogging! I’m so excited for you to get your date and be over here!

  4. Wendy says:

    Hurray! You have a blog!! I’ve been gone all week so I’m a little behind. I tried to send you a connection on Skype. Let me know if you got it. I think you’ll be a fabulous blogger and I look forward to following your experience! I too would be jealous of having a live in translator!

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