We Now Have an SDA Appointment!

This past week we received our SDA appointment.  It feels good to have a departure date to aim toward instead of being in limbo.  We will be heading off the middle of March.  As we understand a rough schedule is as follows: Monday:  State Department of Adoption (SDA) appointment Tuesday:  Go back at 4:30 p.m. … Continue reading

No News Yet About Our SDA Appointment

We are still PATIENTLY waiting to get word about when our appointment with the State Department of Adoption (SDA) in Ukraine will be.  One of the families that submitted at the same time that we submitted received verbal word that their date will be sometime around March 14th.   That family submitted their papers a … Continue reading

We talked with our children in Ukraine today.

This morning, we woke one of our college sons, Ryan, up at 6:30 (again) so that he could help us call our children in Ukraine.  After trying to call through the orphanage office a few time, we finally tried to call the cell number for the family that is currently over there in Ukraine.  We … Continue reading

Just a thought

I have resisted beginning a blog for several reasons.  Privacy is the first reason, time is the second, and third is that writing is not my favorite way to express myself.  Now with the hope that we will be adding three children to our family, all from Ukraine, and all siblings, I am realizing that … Continue reading