• This is a blog about our family. We, Tony and Anne, are not experienced bloggers in the least and are very technologically challenged. We are currently in the process of adopting three children from Ukraine. We have discovered that life is an adventure. Our six sons have taught us a great deal to this point of our adventure, and we are 100% positive that they will teach us much more. I am sure that these three new children will bring many new challenges our way and hopefully help smooth off many of our rough edges.
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Jonathon’s Mission Call

Jonathon received his mission call a couple of weeks ago while our family was in Nauvoo. Jonathon  * Arizona Gilbert Mission * Report to Provo MTC on September 18th Mission Farewell will be on Sunday, September 15th Tony’s whiskers are because we were all in Nauvoo to be in the Nauvoo Pageant. It was great fun and … Continue reading

March 2013

I have not been to my blog in some time. I thought I would post something today. I discovered that I never posted the blog I wrote back in March 😮 ! Well, here it is . . . March 2013 I LOVE this time of year. I look forward all winter long for the … Continue reading

The Faber Boys

The Faber Brothers (and one cousin) singing Karaoke on our vacation.

Latest Knitting Project — click the photo to see a beautiful smiling face

Didn’t our lovely daughter do a great job on her knitting project. She has knit a hat, a scarf, and now this sweater. She is working on some cute slippers and another scarf. Not bad for a beginning knitter. It is sooo fun to have a daughter.

Update on our family

It has been a while since I added a new post to this blog, so here is a brief update. We are approaching our 8 month mark for having our children in the country. Their English is doing great. It is so wonderful to be able to talk with them on the phone or from … Continue reading

Update on our family

I have had several people ask me how we are doing and when we will be updating our blog, so I will try to do so now. We have been home in America with our new children for 2 months. It has been a very good 2 months. We must still be in the honeymoon … Continue reading

The first three weeks in America!

I realize that this is a little too detailed for most of you reading, but with the risk of boring most of you and with the hope of helping someone that finds themselves in my position at some point, I want to include the details. Please do remember that I will not know for another … Continue reading

We are now in America and at home!!

The children and I are so happy to be home. Our family is happy to have us home. Although, I am not so sure about Gabe. He loved spending more time with friends. I am now busy thinking about how to make this transition as smooth as I can for these new children. Children do … Continue reading

May 6, 2011 Day 20 second leg of Journey: By Tony

Post by Tony: I just spoke with Anne and she is sitting on an airplane on the tarmac in Kiev waiting to take off for Frankfurt, Germany (8:30pm our time on Thursday).  There she will have a three hour wait before flying to Chicago where she will go through customs with the kids.  She has … Continue reading